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The Power of Self


The ability to motivate yourself—selfmotivation—is an important skill. Selfmotivation drives people to keep going even in the face of set-backs, to take up opportunities, and to show commitment to what they want to achieve.

Some people are motivated by a desire for prestige and reputation or the ability to influence others and be in a position of power.

About us

It is always a pleasure to meet like-minded, hardworking, dream building individuals from every part of the Globe.
Well, my name is Clovince O. Ojowi, a Kenyan citizen by birth. As a Brother, Sister, Parent, Couples, Online Entrepreneur and Home Business Owners I love to learn new things every day and share great value with others. I am fun loving person, driven and passionate when it comes to helping others achieving their dreams, Lifestyle and Matrimonial Life in this amazing century of different individualism/industries/businesses – “The Home -Based Business!”

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Sharing Ideas with people.

There are many talented people around the world. Some are strong in business, others are good artists. Whatever the professional sphere, any project must have good ideas behind it in order to be a success.

In order to generate a good idea, we need to use critical assessment, including somebody else’s opinion on the idea. An individual by himself can hardly assess his idea critically. For that he needs to communicate with another person.

Networking is an essential element of every successful business. It provides you with contacts, leads, clients, partners, suppliers and much more. It carries your name and your business reputation further and more efficiently than most advertising. Most importantly, it is an endless source of profit, ideas, collaboration and support. If you are networking, U should do it more. If you’re not networking, you need to start. If you don’t network, your business will stagnate and die.


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